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Body Ecology™

The Body Ecology Diet™ is a lifestyle protocol developed by Donna Gates to combat yeast overgrowth and restore the body’s “inner ecology”. While the protocol was developed specifically to treat candidiasis, it has also been found to benefit the immune system as a whole. Caroline Alexander, Certified Body Ecology Coach, has been creating inner ecology balance through probiotic nutrition for individuals to reclaim their health using Body Ecology principles since 2003.  


Designed To Support Immune/Digestive Systems

The Body Ecology Diet™ was designed to support the immune system, organs and digestion, starve the yeast, and restore balance to the body’s internal chemistry and microbiome by applying 7 key principles. These principles draw on the wisdom of both ancient and modern medicine and nutrition, including Chinese medicine Ayurveda, macrobiotics, traditional fermented foods and food combining.  Repairing gut health is key to rebuilidng immunity and the Body Ecology lifestyle supports balancing your inner ecology.


Body Ecology Coach

Caroline is dedicated to heightening awareness regarding the nutritional and behavioral links to children’s health issues. She facilitates health & wellness workshops for public and private groups to;   

  • help raise public awareness of disease prevention 
  • educate individuals about the body’s ability to heal itself 
  • how to make informed health choices 
  • and taking responsibility for one’s own health